Business opportunities with Shunka
We aim to expand our network to every town area in Malaysia, offering home-style Japanese and fusion foods to everyone. Shunka welcome you to join our franchising chain. Together, we bring Shunka Japanese Family Restaurant to every Malaysian and even international level. We have dedicated personnel focusing on food products, equipment, R&D, training and marketing strategies to help franchisee compete in today’s business climate.  

We Support Franchisees With:

  1. Franchise Consultancy
  2. Site selection
  3. Outlet design and construction
  4. Outlet Set Up
  5. Menu and recipes
  6. Purchasing
  7. Kitchen/ Toast/ Beverage training
  8. New Product Development

Minimum Requirement for Franchising Opportunity:

  1. A specific location
  2. A dedicated team to manage the outlet
  3. If you fulfill the above minimum requirement, please DOWNLOAD the Shunka franchise kit.
  4. And, we welcome you to contact us at 04-504 1558 or email to for further discussion.

Shunka’s Malaysian Franchise Association(MFA) Membership Certificate


Why Should You Choose Franchising

Franchising’s primary benefit is risk minimization. Starting a new business is risky. Most studies show that over 90 percent fail within three years. The primary reason that the failure rate is so high is because the owners have to go through the learning curve of operating that specific type business. Franchising reduces that curve substantially. Another reason to buy a franchise is that a franchise investment can be thoroughly researched before any significant expenditure is made. Existing franchisees offer a wealth of information about the business so that new franchisees can try the business on before they buy to make sure it’s a good fit for them.